Taking steps towards BioCord’s commercialization

Bishop Water’s path towards commercialization for its BioCord Reactor system

Since 2015, Bishop Water has received significant support through the Southern Ontario Water Consortium’s (SOWC) Advancing Water Technologies Program (AWT) to fast-track the development of the company’s BioCord™ Reactor system. As a result, the BioCord Reactor has made significant strides on its journey to commercialization and market recognition.

“We’ve received funding from SOWC to undertake a real-world demonstration that showcases the benefits of the BioCord Reactor system,” says Kevin Bossy, CEO of Bishop Water Technologies. “SOWC is also providing support for a project at Western University to help optimize the design of our solution. Because of the support that we’ve received, we’re able to hire new staff for project management, research, and sales.”

A BioCord Reactor system is a low-energy, self-sufficient biological treatment system.  As a result, it can extend the life of aging treatment lagoons and help growing communities avoid the need for a costly mechanical plant. The BioCord reactor is a custom-built condominium for bacteria: it provides the optimum conditions for preferred microorganisms to grow, enabling up to 30% more treatment capacity and year-round ammonia removal.

“Many rural communities need to meet tougher, more stringent regulations to build larger wastewater treatment plants,” Bossy says. “This is challenging when municipalities are dealing with a decline in users or don’t have growth within their communities. Our BioCord Reactors system enables these communities to meet the regulations affordably within their budgets.”

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