Valuable data gained with the help of OCWA

With the help of OCWA, Bishop Water used a pilot project to optimize BioCord™ Reactors for consistent ammonia removal

Bishop Water technicians started a pilot project at the Renfrew Wastewater Treatment Plant in April 2014, with great hospitality from the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) plant operators. The pilot project tested the ammonia reducing capabilities of BioCord Reactors under various stresses such as reduced HRT, low and high aeration, reduced surface area, and cold temperatures throughout the four-year project. Results of the pilot project enabled Bishop Water to optimize their design over the years, and gain valuable insights into the best practices for operation parameters that will lead to successful projects.

Renfrew pilot system

This pilot project also validated the results of an earlier pilot project in Eganville, Ontario which found that the BioCord Reactor system’s performance as a highly effective, low-energy IFAS process in aerobic conditions. Both of these projects contribute to the overall knowledge base that can be applied to full-scale installations of the BioCord Reactor system, and led to the design of the BioCord Reactor pilot system currently being used in Canada and the US.

BioCord Reactor system can improve ammonia removal without changing the treatment process

BioCord reactors can be installed directly into an existing treatment lagoon, eliminating the need for additional buildings or infrastructure to support sidestream processes. A BioCord Reactor is a modular frame that supports densely arranged strands of polymer fibres. These fibres provide a massive surface area for growth of naturally occurring microorganisms that are ideal for enhancing the treatment process and maintaining regulatory compliance at your plant – even in cold weather conditions.

Bishop Water completed the pilot project and removed the BioCord Reactors from the Renfrew WWTP in November 2017 after gathering valuable knowledge from the site for nearly two years. We owe a special thanks to OCWA, the Renfrew OCWA operators, and the Town of Renfrew for allowing us the use of the facility. By completing this project, we are able to redirect our focus to furthering our other research which includes a study at the Greenway Plant in London, Ontario through collaboration with Western University.


Mobile containerized pilot system

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