Bishop Water Technologies recipient of the 2015 Minister’s Award for Environmental Excellence

The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change for the Government of Ontario has announced that Bishop Water Technologies has won a Minister’s Award for Environmental Excellence for their project in the Town of Perth.

The use of a Geotube® system is eliminating discharge of solids to the Tay River and conserving the capacity in the town’s sewage lagoons. This system is more effective and sustainable in comparison to other systems.

“Credit should go to the Town of Perth for looking at alternatives to traditional methods and having the faith to go with them,” said Bishop Water Technologies, CEO Kevin Bossy. “Our great team was always going to deliver a top quality product but the ability to look at all the options was the key to getting this project moving ”

The award recognizes leadership and innovation in environmental protection and home-grown environmental achievement in Ontario.

An award ceremony is being held in May to recognize the receipents of the award.

For more information on the award please visit the Ontario website