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Brewery Solids Management Using Geotube® Technology

Light Industrial | DATE POSTED: March 9, 2017

BLOOM partnered with Bishop Water to demonstrate brewery solids management (removal) using Geotube® dewatering technology. Brewery wastewater is often high in suspended solids created by leftover yeast and grains, which can make proper treatment very costly.


Dewatering Dairy Lagoon Sludge

Agricultural | DATE POSTED: April 28, 2016

The Department of Dairy and Animal Science in cooperation with TC Mirafi ran a Geotube® pilot project to determine its effectiveness in dewatering Agriculture lagoon sludge. The project showed the cost saving Geotube® and how well the system worked at removing solids.


Cheese Case Study

Agricultural | DATE POSTED: March 9, 2016

Cheese Producers across Ontario are seeking alternative methods to managing the waste water they produce. New legislation, set to take effect in January 2010, will ban the land application of whey and wash water produced at Ontario’s cheese factories.


Geotube® Case Study: Len and Patties Butcher Block

Agricultural | DATE POSTED: February 24, 2016

Bishop Water Technologies and OMAFRA partner to provide solutions for abattoirs