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BioCord Technology

How It Works:

Once integrated into an existing treatment system, the BioCord Reactor process will create a series of self-sustained, high rate biological reactions. BioCord Reactors provide the ideal environment for bacteria to grow and aggregate as biofilm. The multiple layers of bacterial mass that form on the surface as biofilm provide a very resilient treatment system that can be tailored to meet the client’s needs.

BioCord Reactors are engineered to actively manage the attached biomass to optimize for maximum treatment performance. Aerated Reactors enhance mixing, while adding dissolved oxygen and biomass to what can otherwise be a limited treatment environment.

1. How long will it take for the BioCord Reactor to yield results?

Due to the varying nature of the environment, the time it takes for results are heavily influenced by external factors. Typically, bacterial growth is seen within 48 hours, and consistent results indicated by a Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) drop are seen as early as 1 week. Further drops in Ammonia and COD among other pollutants began to fall daily within 3 weeks, after which point the system begins to stabilize.

2. How many BioCord Reactors will I need?

The number of frames will be dependent on the end goal of the project and the scale of the system. Contact Bishop Water Technologies for a proposal through this form with your specific project details/site.

3. What are the main reasons to use BioCord Reactors?

BioCord Reactors are a self-sustaining and enduring system that can increase the capacity and ability of wastewater treatment without the capital costs. The biofilm that grows within the reactor is naturally occurring within wastewater vessels that means no chemical additives, cleaning or replacements are required, with low operating costs.

4. Will I have to alter my current setup?

Bishop Water can independently size and place a biological reactor to fit into most systems. Generally, no additional tankage is required.

5. Does one BioCord™ Reactor treat all pollutants?

Bishop Water has 10 different BioCord polymer fibres at its disposable that attracts a different biofilm create the desired effects on treatment. Analysis of the wastewater to be treated will allow Bishop Water to select the best polymer fibre for the job.

6. How does Aeration help with the BioCord Reactor?

The aeration system installed underneath the reactor provides the oxygen required for the aerobic bacteria to grow and flourish. It also manages the biomass growing on the BioCord and prevents freezing in the winter months by mixing the water column.

7. Will the BioCord Reactor work during the winter?

Yes, the BioCord Reactor will work during the winter months in temperatures as low as 1 °C. Due to the aeration of the reactor, the water movement prevents freezing and allows for continued movement within the water column. For more information on how temperature affects the reactors performance, contact Bishop Water.

8. Will I have to dredge or clean my lagoon before installation?

If the proposed area for BioCord reactor is full of sludge or solids, remediation of the site would be required. Bishop Water can offer dredging and Geotube® services that will allow for the removal of the material off site. Information on this process can be located here

9. How much will the BioCord reactor cost?

Dependent on the job, the scale and the number of reactors required, pricing may vary. For a quote please contact Bishop Water.

10. Will I have to buy specialty parts and other equipment to support the BioCord Reactor?

No, Bishop Water will create the BioCord system specially with the needs of the client in mind. The BioCord Reactor will be built to contain everything it needs to achieve its main treatment objective.

11. How much cleaning and maintenance does the BioCord need?

Once the BioCord Reactor is installed into a system, it becomes self-sufficient in its upkeep. The aeration system installed underneath the BioCord Reactor controls the biofilm growth and also prevents blockages and continual flow through the system. Further, the reactor doesn’t need to be removed for cleaning.


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