One of our Geotube® shoreline systems makes a cameo in an educational video

One of our Geotube® Shoreline Systems is part of a new video from Healthy Lake Huron that provides essential information for waterfront property owners to assess, plan and mitigate erosion, flooding and unstable soil. 

In the video, a flyover of our Geotube installation at Port Franks, Ontario shows a wintery view of ice, snow and debris up against the 150-foot long, two-layer revetement. The system was installed in July 2021 as part of a project to protect the house from erosion and restore the sand and vegetation that had been washed away by high waves during storm events. 

The photo below shows the property before and after the sand was replaced and the Geotubes were installed. The erosion was quite severe and had advanced nearly to the cottage, putting it at risk of collapsing. 

Geotube shoreline before and after

Geotube Shoreline Protection is ideal to tackle increasing shoreline erosion and offer several advantages over conventional rip rap, armor stone or gabion baskets. 

  1. Virtually immovable mass – Once filled, a Geotube forms a monolithic structure that weighs many tonnes and is extremely difficult for waves, debris and ice to shift the Geotube container. The system rests on a specially designed scour apron which prevents waves from undercutting and compromising the structure. This is especially important when Geotubes are used to stabilize the toe of a bluff and protect it from wave attack.
  2. Deflective elliptical shape – As debris or ice advances towards the shoreline, the elliptical shape of the Geotube containers can deflect the material and force it up and over the structure. Conventional barriers made of materials such as armour stone or timber face the ice head-on and are often dislodged or heaved up.
  3. Durable, impact-resistant technology – Geotube containers are specially designed for shoreline protection and are manufactured using high-strength polypropylene multifilament yarns that meet several ASTM standards for fabric strength, seam strength, UV resistance and puncture resistance.
  4. Versatility and customizability – Geotube shoreline systems are available in several configurations and sizes. Each one is designed to provide maximum performance, lifespan and ease of installation. Many can also be custom manufactured to meet site specifications.
  5. Fast and easy to install – Geotube containers are filled in-place with a slurry mix of sand and water or locally dredged material. This simple process enables Geotube® containers to be installed much more quickly than conventional approaches such as armour stone or concrete.

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