Shrouded in secrecy – A closer look at Geotube shoreline protection systems that work under cover

hidden shoreline protection systemsShoreline protection systems often need to blend in and maintain a low profile, whether they’re working in a natural environment or in a densely developed urban space. So how do engineers, urban designers and conservation authorities hide expansive Geotube® shoreline protection systems that can stretch for hundreds or even thousands of feet?

Over 150 miles of shoreline worldwide is already protected with Geotube® technology, providing reliable, cost-effective protection from water erosion and storm damage. Most of these systems are permanent–and nearly invisible–installations that can also help improve the aesthetics of the shoreline and rebuild natural habitats such as wetlands.

Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

hidden shoreline protection systems

More than 20 years ago, Geotube® containers were installed at Atlantic City, New Jersey to protect more than a mile of shoreline and the famous boardwalk from storms and extreme high tides. The tubes were filled and covered with sand from the local area and planted dune grass to give the appearance of a natural dune.


Cancun Beach, Cancun, Mexico

hidden shoreline protection systemsCancun’s beaches were severely eroded by Hurricane Wilma in 2005, leaving steep drop-offs and waves advancing right up to ocean-front resort buildings. Over 1.2 miles of Geotube® containers were installed immediately to protect the properties, followed by offshore submerged breakwaters to function as a sandbar and encourage natural beach replenishment. The shoreline Geotube® containers were covered with sand and are invisible to beachgoers.

La Antigua, Veracruz, Mexico

hidden shoreline protection systemsSeasonal flooding and riverbank erosion were threatening many historical structures and a marina in the tourist village of Rio La Antigua. Rather than attempt costly conventional methods such as increasing the height of berms and dykes or shipping in armor stone, engineers installed Geotube® containers in a two-layer, stair-step arrangement. The fibrous surface of the Geotube® containers will entrap sand and sediment, enabling vegetation to be established over time and conceal the containers.

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