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Effective Industrial Wastewater Treatment

The Geotube® is an efficient solution for Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems.  Geotube® units add capacity to existing Industrial Wastewater systems, such as lagoons, making the drying operation more effective.

Once the dewatering process is finished, the Geotube® containers are easily moved and the effluent hauled away.

When it comes to an Industrial Wastewater Treatment System, the Geotube® system can be both a temporary and permanent solution. The Geotube® can be sized for any industrial need, whether it be a big overhaul or a short dewatering process. If a short industrial treatment process needs to be longer, the Geotube® can adapt quickly and is optimal for this change. Geotube® containers can provide a quick lagoon cleanout, and can also be stacked on top of each other for bigger capacities. The system is ideal when an industry expands or outgrows their lagoons and drying beds.

Geotube®, units are the perfect quick, low energy and efficient wastewater solution.

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