Keith Galloway

, Wastewater Treatment Specialist

Keith graduated in 1978 as an Engineering Technologist from Conestoga College, Air & Water Resources Engineering Technology.

For the past 33 years he has worked for several major water treatment companies who service the Water and Wastewater industry ( Industrial and Municipal) in Ontario and across Canada. Keith has worked for Dearborn, Betz-Dearborn, Hercules Betz-Dearborn for 23 years then Ashland for 9 (2 years selling equipment).

Keith’s experience and expertise is in industrial water and wastewater systems. He has extensive knowledge and experience in biological systems, physical/chemical systems, waste treatment techniques/equipment and the application of water soluble polymers and chemistries to all of the above.

Keith has experience in all the major industrial sectors including, Pulp & Paper, Automotive, Food, Oil & Gas, Steel, General Manufacturing and Municipal.

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