Meet Roberta Maffettone

It’s not easy to keep up with Roberta Maffettone, our Engineering and Technical Specialist.  During the weekdays, Roberta is involved in research and project design for our BioCord and solids management solutions. She has extensive technical knowledge and research experience in a number of wastewater treatment processes and management of biosolids and contaminated soils.

She’s using these skills to help design and refine BioCord solutions for ammonia removal, capacity upgrades and performance improvements of treatment plants. Roberta has also quickly learned the complexities of our Solids Management Solutions and is deeply involved in the specifications and proposals for these projects.

Prior to joining Bishop Water, Roberta was a researcher for Trojan Technologies while she completed her postdoctoral fellowship in collaboration with McGill University and Western University. Roberta holds a Ph.D in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Salerno (Italy) and has studied as a visiting researcher at Cranfield University (UK) and Greenwich University (UK). Originally from Italy, Roberta moved to Canada in 2016 to complete an internship in the wastewater industry after receiving an award from the Young Italian Professional Engineers.

When she’s away from the office, Roberta really likes to get away. She is an avid explorer and spends most of her weekends visiting new places. She’s traveled extensively and has visited destinations in Europe, India, Africa, and North America. We hope that her wanderlust is waning and that she’ll stay with us for a while. 

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