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The Municipal Wastewater Treatment Process

Municipalities across the globe have many concerns when dealing with their municipal wastewater treatment systems. The processing of wastewater, cost of disposal of biosolids, onsite storage capacity and the handling of septic waste are all a challenge. The Geotube® dewatering solution and Bishop BioCord™ Reactors, in conjunction with Bishop Water can solve all of these concerns.

As towns and cities continue to grow, the additional strain on the wastewater treatment process can cause capacity issues. BioCord™ Reactors can be integrated into the existing treatment pond systems, improving ammonia removal. The BioCord™ Reactor process will create a series of self-sustained, high rate biological reactors.

The use of fixed BioCord™ Reactors offers several advantages;

  • They provide the ideal environment for bacteria to grow and aggregate as biofilm.
  • The multiple layers of bacterial mass that form on the surface of BioCord™ provide a very resilient treatment system.

For sludge treatment and storage Bishop Water utilizes the Geotube® system: the ideal municipal wastewater treatment solution for sludge, solids, and sediments. Geotube® containers can handle lagoon, tank and digester cleanouts, while dewatering and containing solids all in one seamless operation. Additionally, this treatment system can be used seasonally, and the solids are safely stored between uses.

Using the Geotube® dewatering treatment system, solids can be disposed of in a landfill or added to the land for nutrient enhancement. The solids can be used in soil production and are environmentally friendly. Geotube® containers can also be buried, used as berms, or used for shoreline protection from erosion, which gives them versatile and environmentally friendly end-uses.

Why does Bishop Water consider the Geotube® the Intelligent Solution?

  • When solids are put through the Geotube®, they are typically between 1-5%, and once dewatered and removed from the Geotube®, the remaining solids are typically 30-50%. This means the cost of disposal is greatly reduced because you aren’t transporting water.
  • Municipal solids that pass through the Geotube® are not treated as waste, but as a nutrient. The Geotube® wastewater treatment system allows for air to pass through, encouraging aerobic biological processes to take place. These solids can be added back to the land as a nutrient supplement, which includes Septage in Ontario.

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