North Rustico WWTF saves on sludge handling with Bishop Solids Management Solution

The North Rustico WWTF used to haul away as many as three truckloads of waste sludge per week, which was mostly water and cost the town nearly $50,000 annually. So when the PEI town began planning to replace its aging wastewater treatment plant, one of the top priorities was to implement a simple, economically and environmentally sustainable process for sludge management. 

The result was the island’s first-ever system to incorporate the Bishop Solids Management Solution, with geotextile bags and specially selected polymers to dewater municipal waste sludge. The process also produces composted, stabilized biosolids that are suitable for land application. 

The simple, low-energy approach eliminates costly sludge hauling and enabled the facility to become self-sufficient for sludge management. The success of the project was recognized in 2014 with the Excellence in Water Stewardship Award from the Council of Federation, which is comprised of Canada’s provincial and territorial Premiers.

Read the full case study in Environmental Science and Engineering Magazine. 

Learn more about the Bishop Solids Management Solution for collection and dewatering of process sludge. 

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