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Dual Technology System Provides Full Nutrient Reduction

DATE POSTED: September 3, 2018

How to eliminate sewer surcharges with full nutrient reduction

Pre-treatment of high-strength wastewater before discharging it to a municipal sewer can be challenging, especially if high levels of BOD, TSS and ammonia are present. But what if an affordable, onsite solution was available to help meet pre-treatment requirements and avoid sewer surcharges through full nutrient reduction?

Bishop Water offers a dual technology system with flexible configurations that are easily customized to meet performance requirements. The system combines Bishop Water’s solids management solution and BioCord™ Reactors.

The wastewater first goes to Bishop Water’s low-energy solids management solution, which uses a passive dewatering process. In a full-scale system, waste is continually pumped into the customized Geotube® containers, which enables ongoing dewatering of solids. By containing the solids (and therefore TSS), this process also reduces insoluble BOD and phosphorous loading. Once captured, dewatering of the solids will reduce transportation costs associated with handling the solids.

The effluent from the solids management process then flows (via pumps or gravity) to Bishop Water’s BioCord Reactors for further treatment. This system provides a simple, robust solution that consistently removes soluble BOD and ammonia with very little operator oversight. A BioCord Reactor is simply a modular frame that supports densely arranged strands of polymer fibres. These fibres then  provide a massive surface area for growth of aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms that are ideal for enhancing the treatment process and maintaining regulatory compliance – even in cold weather conditions.


Bishop Water can install its full-scale system with a number of applications such as food processing facilities and craft breweries. These applications tend to have high solids and nutrient wastewater created by their processes. Experienced project managers create customized systems to precisely meet the specific size constraints, treatment requirements, and growth plans for each site. Furthermore, after installation the system can be easily expanded as needs change.

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