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Customized polymer system maximizes dewatering efficiency

DATE POSTED: September 24, 2018

How a polymer system can make or break your Bishop Water Dewatering Solution

Polymer is the secret ingredient for maximizing dewatering and achieving high quality filtrate from Geotube® containers. Bishop Water’s experienced team tests and selects the proper polymer, but this is only part of the solution. Precise dosing with an automated polymer system is integral for ensuring that operations run smoothly. Not enough polymer will produce poor dewatering and low-quality filtrate. On the other hand, with too much polymer, the Geotube® container material can clog and prevent water from being released.

polymer selection

Bishop Water’s Solids Management Solution includes a customizable Venturi Emulsified Liquid Polymer Activation System (VEPAS). Bishop Water developed the VEPAS as a simple-to-maintain way to provide automated and precise polymer doses. As a result, the VEPAS ensures that the dewatering operation runs smoothly and minimizes human error. Customization includes sizing, mobility, and level of automation.

This made-in-Canada solution is designed specifically to work with Geotube® dewatering technology. Unlike conventional polymer systems that require bulky mix tanks, the VEPAS works by injecting and activating polymer in a single pass. The size of the system is completely dependant on project needs and footprint available.

How it works

The VEPAS monitors sludge flow and consistency using flow and mass meters. This enables it to automatically adjust polymer dose to achieve the optimum mix and dewatering properties. These smart controls also communicate with 4-20 mA inputs. Therefore, the VEPAS can integrate with the plant’s SCADA system and operators can configure the system to automatically begin operating when sludge pumps are active.

Geotube® dewatering technology and the VEPAS work together to provide an integrated solution for temporary clean-outs and permanent installations alike. This enables any facility to build a compact, rapid dewatering solution that saves time, reduces operating costs, and simplifies sludge management.

Bishop Water determines precise dosing needs of the polymer selected for your site with a simple test. With further information about the project, the team can then build a system this is easily and quickly installed. Once installed, Bishop Water’s team can provide onsite training and are easily accessible to assist with ongoing maintenance and support.

Read our case study to see how Bishop Water’s solids management solution as part of a long-term dewatering solution at the North Rustico Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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