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Rare-earth coagulant: not just for phosphorus removal. The many benefits of RE300.

DATE POSTED: May 22, 2019

In the past few issues of our newsletter, we’ve shared several stories explaining how RE300 rare-earth coagulant can achieve phosphorus limits as low as 0.07 mg/L, without tertiary filtration. But this unique technology also provides many other benefits over conventional iron- or aluminum-based coagulants that can help improve operations and save money at wastewater plants. Here’s what RE300 can do:

  1. Improve clarifier performance: The rare earth minerals in RE300 bond more tightly to phosphorus and form a denser, heavier precipitate that settles about two times faster than alternatives, enabling clarifiers to operate more efficiently.
  2. Lower chemical consumption: RE300 achieves phosphorus removal at a 1:1 molar ratio due to the strong crystalline ionic bond that is formed. Iron- and aluminum-based coagulants can’t form the same type of ionic bond. Instead phosphate adsorbs to the surface of the salt. As a result phosphorus removal occurs at a molar ratio of about 5:2, which means much more iron or aluminum coagulants are needed to achieve the desired level of phosphorus removal compared to Neo RE300.

  3. Reduce sludge volume by up to 70%:  Since Neo RE300 can achieve excellent phosphorus removal at a lower dose than alternatives, less sludge is produced. Less sludge, means less pumping, dewatering, hauling and disposal, which contributes to lower costs for each of these operations.

  4. Achieve up to 30% higher attained solids in dewatered sludge: RE300 produces a thicker, more compact sludge that can be more easily dewatered by passive processes such as Geotube® dewatering or mechanical alternatives.

  5. Inhibit the formation of struvite:  Phosphorus is a key ingredient in struvite. Since RE300 binds tightly to phosphorus, it becomes unavailable to form struvite downstream of the dose point.

  6. Simplify handling and storage: RE300 is rated non-hazardous and has a low freezing point of -40°F (-40°C) making it easier and safer to handle, dose and store than conventional alternatives.

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