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Rare Earth Coagulant to Achieve Ultra-Low Phosphorus Limits

DATE POSTED: February 1, 2019

Achieve phosphorus limits as low as 0.07 mg/L with new, rare earth coagulant

A new coagulant, based on rare earth elements, now makes it possible for wastewater treatment plants to achieve ultra-low phosphorus targets—as low as 0.07 mg/L—without adding or upgrading tertiary filtration equipment.


Neo RE300 rare earth coagulant reacts quickly with phosphorus to form a dense precipitate that readily settles out of solution within minutes.

Neo RE300 rare earth coagulant can easily replace conventional coagulants to dramatically improve chemical precipitation of phosphorus in treated wastewater effluent. The rare earth elements in RE300 enable the coagulant to form a strong, crystalline bond with phosphorus and produce a denser, more stable precipitate than conventional coagulants such as ferric sulfate.

This dense precipitate settles quickly in clarifiers and is the primary reason that wastewater plants using RE300 can achieve ultra-low phosphorus in treated effluent without the use of filtration equipment.



NEO RE300 binds tightly to phosphorus at a 1:1 molar ratio so much less is needed to achieve excellent phosphorus removal. Ferric or aluminum-based coagulants adsorb to the surface of phosphorus at about 5:2 molar ratio so much larger amounts are needed to reduce phosphorus levels in treated effluent.


RE300 rare earth coagulant brings a number of other benefits to treatment plants that can provide significant operational efficiencies and cost savings over conventional coagulants, including:

  • Reduce sludge production by up to 70%;
  • Achieve up to 30% higher attained solids in dewatered sludge;
  • Maintain chemical dosing and performance in temperatures as low as -40C;
  • Prevent formation of struvite;
  • Safer for the environment; consistently passes Whole Effluent Toxicity testing;
  • Safer for operators; rated non-hazardous.

More than 50 plants in the US already use Neo RE300 to meet stringent phosphorus discharge requirements, improve clarifier performance and reduce sludge storage, dewatering and disposal costs.

Some examples of the remarkable results plants are experiencing include:

  • Consistent compliance with new phosphorus permit of 0.07 mg/L;
  • 68% reduction in sludge disposal costs = $70,000 annual savings;
  • 80% reduction in belt press operation = $7,000 annual savings in energy cost;
  • Eliminate need to add large chemical storage tanks, tertiary filtration equipment or buildings.

Contact us today to learn how simple it is to switch your phosphorus reduction chemicals to Neo RE300 and easily meet stringent phosphorus targets without costly filtration equipment.

Read more about RE300 for phosphorus removal here.


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