Reduce labour requirements for dewatering with Bishop Water’s solids management solution

Growing community uses Bishop Water’s low-maintenance solids management solution to reduce labour requirements

A simple, low-energy solids management solution was able to significantly reduce labour requirements for sludge dewatering at the Meteghan Sewer Treatment Plant (STP) in the Municipality of Clare, Nova Scotia.

“We used to have sand drying beds to dewater sludge at the Meteghan STP,” says Jody Comeau, Treatment Plant Operator at the Meteghan STP. “It took us three weeks on average to dewater a full tank of sludge because this approach was very labour-intensive. After replacing the sand drying beds with Bishop Water’s solution, we can now dewater the same volume of sludge in only five hours.”

Since November 2016, the Meteghan STP has dewatered about 1,000,000 litres of sludge. The plant has saved hundreds of hours in labour costs using Bishop Water’s low-maintenance solids management solution. The easily installed Geotube® containers are each rolled out in a laydown area measuring 57-feet long and 45-feet in circumference. Each container is pumped to a maximum of seven feet (two metres) in height. Then, the units draw down as the unit dewaters.

reduce labour requirements

“Bishop Water’s solids management solution was installed in the same location where we had the sand drying beds before,” Comeau says. “This worked out well for us because we didn’t have to do much to accommodate the system. We’re also really happy with the support we’ve received from Bishop Water’s team. It’s only a phone call away if we ever have any questions.”

Bishop Water’s highly experienced team provides comprehensive services to design, install and service a multitude of Geotube® dewatering solutions. They provide clients with specialized technicians trained to operate, troubleshoot, and service its solids management solutions.

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