Tackling the Biggest Sludge Treatment Jobs

Bishop Water’s partner Geo-Dredging and Dewatering Solutions Inc. specializes in sludge treatment and dewatering using Geotube® dewatering technology. Through years of experience they have developed a system to determine accurate sludge quantities. Geo-Dredging commits to providing clients with accurate information tailored to their specific needs.

Bishop Water’s partnership with “sludge experts” Geo-Dredging allow for the provision of accurate costing to de-sludge a pond or lagoon using the Geotube® technology.

Geotube® technology works by filtering sludge through the unique woven fabric, while retaining a high percent of solids.  As sludge is pumped into a Geotube® unit, polymer is injected in-line. The addition of the polymer is necessary to flocculate the sludge and allow the Geotube® technology to dewater as effectively as possible. 

Geo-Dredging skills and services include:

  • Mapping the lagoon to determine sludge levels
  • Using their bench testing services to determine the ideal polymer for use with the Geotube® Technology
  • Onsite trained technicians who have tackled a range of jobs from small tank cleanouts to large environmental remediation projects, and have also worked in municipal, Oil and gas and contaminated waste projects.
  • The proprietary polymer system allows them to provide real time data to our clients and help them keep any project on budget and on time.

Geo-Dredging is Ontario’s leader in providing advanced technology for lagoon cleanout and sludge removal solutions. Among their turnkey solutions are dredging, dewatering and containment of sludge. They are also experienced with project management, and take pride in their quality of performance and customer service. Their experience and expertise allows them to provide cost efficient, environmentally responsible solutions to municipalities and industrial applications across Ontario.

They have a dedicated team with over 10 years of experience using Geotube® technology to dewater and contain sludge. Projects have included sludge produced by municipalities, pulp and paper mills, mining operations, the agriculture sector, the aquaculture sector and many other industries.

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