Polymer Injection System Simplifies Mixing while Maximizing Dewatering

DATE POSTED: April 25, 2018

Bishop Water’s polymer injection system – the VEPAS – is specially designed and customizable to each project

Chemical costs can play a significant part in sludge handling, but a specialized polymer system form Bishop Water Technologies can help reduce chemical costs and dramatically simplify polymer mixing and handling. The Venturi Emulsified Polymer Activation System (VEPAS) is designed to fully activate liquid polymer emulsions in a single pass without the use of mechanical agitation or mix tanks.

This easy-to-operate, reliable polymer injection system, which functions with very few moving parts, not only saves space, but also helps minimize the damage to polymer molecules. Damaged polymer is less effective and requires a greater quantity to achieve the desired dewatering results. Once activated, the polymer can be added immediately to the sludge flow flocking line or stored in a batch tank for future use.

The VEPAS can be used in mobile applications such as Geotube® emergency sludge dewatering, or for full-scale Geotube® dewatering applications at wastewater lagoons or water treatment plants. It can be adapted easily into the activated sludge process simply by introducing a polymer feed line into the sludge feed line. The system will run automatically and adjust the amount of polymer added to the sludge based on the flow.


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