Free up space fast in sludge storage tanks with our mobile dewatering system.

DATE POSTED: April 27, 2023

How much space is left in your sludge storage tank this spring? If it’s nearly full and seasonal restrictions or wet weather are preventing removal and land application, we have a fast and affordable way to solve the problem on a temporary or permanent basis.

Our Mobile Dewatering System (MDS) is a simple, low-energy system that enables operators to pump sludge from storage tanks into 20 m³ Geotube® units that have been set roll-off bins for dewatering and containment. This modular system enables operators to remove from the storage tank and safely store it onsite until arrangements can be made for disposal.

Low maintenance, high performance 

The system is easy to set up at any wastewater treatment plant and can be operated without disrupting ongoing plant operations. Within a few hours, this low-complexity, low-energy dewatering system can achieve dry solids as high as 15 to 18 percent. The filtrate, which seeps from the microscopic pores of the Geotube® container, typically contains TSS below 10 mg/L. As dewatering occurs, the volume of material in the Geotube® will decrease, enabling more sludge to be added until full. Once the sludge has been dewatered, the Geotube® containers can be removed to a landfill, or the solids can be removed and land applied in accordance with regional regulations. 

Design and operation of the system 

Setup is easy and a simple test will ensure the system is optimized for the sludge characteristics and the anticipated volume of material. In the initial stage, Bishop Water Technologies conducts simple jar tests and rapid dewatering tests of the sludge to determine the best polymer and optimal dose for maximum sludge dewatering in the Geotube® container. During the sludge removal process, a containerized system mixes polymer and injects it directly into the feed pipe, eliminating the need for a mix tank. The conditioned sludge is then pumped into Geotube® containers.

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