ClariPhos™: A less acidic coagulant that improves phosphorus removal and operator safety

DATE POSTED: March 31, 2023

Aluminum and iron-based coagulants are acidic, which means the more you add for phosphorus reduction, the more likely you are to lower the pH of the wastewater system. Consequently, wastewater plants must have pH adjustment measures in place to protect microbial populations from unfavourable conditions and to ensure the pH of treated effluent complies with discharge regulations. For operators, it means handling dangerous chemicals, more rigorous testing and monitoring, and unfortunately, increased exposure to safety risks when completing those tasks. 

ClariPhos™ Rare Earth Coagulant can dramatically reduce or even eliminate pH swings caused by chemical phosphorus precipitation and help improve operator safety at the same time. This unique, non-hazardous coagulant is up to 100x less acidic than Al- or Fe-based alternatives and can achieve better phosphorus removal with a far lower dose—anywhere from 30 to 70% lower dose, depending on the P removal requirement.  

By simply switching coagulants, operators can gain several health and safety benefits:

  • Lower ClariPhos dose rate enables operators to dramatically lower the volume of coagulant that is stored and handled in the plant.
  • Reduced impact on pH allows operators to decrease or eliminate the use, handling and storage of dangerous pH adjustment chemicals.
  • Non-hazardous, non-toxic rating reduces PPE requirements and the potential for operator injury. 
  • Low ClariPhos freeze temperature (-40°C) permits outdoor storage in totes or bulk tanks
  • Inhibits struvite buildup on pumps and staining of equipment, decreasing maintenance requirements and the associated risks of injury or exposure to pathogens 

ClariPhos also provides significant improvements in phosphorus removal and sludge management. Treatment plants using ClariPhos can: 

  • Achieve P level as low as 0.07 mg/L or better without the need for tertiary filtration 
  • Reduce sludge production by 30 to 50%
  • Improve sludge dewaterability by 40% 
  • Improve clarifier performance. ClariPhos precipitate settles up to two times faster than alternatives.

Switching to ClariPhos is easy. In most cases, the existing dosing equipment can be used for ClariPhos. So far, we’ve only encountered one issue—occasionally a smaller pump must be installed to ensure precise control of the low ClariPhos dose rate! 

Watch the video to see how ClariPhos performs against alum and ferric to remove an equivalent amount of phosphorus.

Learn more about the operational advantages of ClariPhos Rare Earth Coagulant 

Contact us and we’ll show you how much less coagulant and pH adjustment chemical you’ll use by switching to ClariPhos.

How ClariPhos rare earth coagulant helps keep pH in balance, while also achieving ultra-low phosphorus limits.

DATE POSTED: August 21, 2019

We’re not suggesting that you can use ClariPhos™ rare earth coagulant to control pH. But it’s unique properties mean that it is far less likely to lower the pH of the wastewater system and require the use of pH adjustment with caustic soda or other chemicals. 

ClariPhos is a proven way to dramatically reduce phosphorus in treated effluent and achieve levels as low as 0.07 mg/L. This rare-earth technology outperforms conventional coagulants because it binds more tightly to phosphorus and forms a denser, heavier floc that settles more rapidly. By switching to ClariPhos, many treatment plants have avoided the need for costly equipment upgrades to meet stringent phosphorus limits.

ClariPhos is far less acidic than alternatives

ClariPhos has a median pH of 3.5, compared to ferric or alum coagulants that are typically in the pH range of 1.5 to 2.2. This means that these conventional coagulants can be up to 100 times more acidic than ClariPhos. 

This dramatic difference in pH is compounded when we consider that the dose rate for ferric or alum coagulants is typically two to three times higher than that of ClariPhos, which can dramatically impact the overall pH of the wastewater system. 

By replacing ferric or alum coagulants with ClariPhos, which offers lower acidity and dose rate, operators can maintain desired pH levels in the plant processes with little to no pH adjustment — translating to significant cost savings for chemical consumption and process control. 

Less coagulant = less sludge

The low dose rate for ClariPhos, along with its high affinity to phosphorus, also results in far less sludge production. Lower sludge volumes mean less pumping, dewatering, hauling and disposal, which contributes to lower costs and additional savings for each of these operations.

ClariPhos forms a dense precipitate that settles up to two times faster than ferric- or alum-based coagulants

Learn more about ClariPhos rare earth coagulant for phosphorus reduction.

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