Are you on the right path for lagoon sludge management? A sludge map can help.

DATE POSTED: November 27, 2019

How much sludge is in your treatment lagoon? Is it half full or half empty? Either way, digging up the dirt on your sludge can be a huge asset for optimizing the lagoon’s performance and reducing operating costs.

Creating a sludge map is an important first step to improving lagoon management and can reveal critical information about the volume of sludge and how it’s distributed throughout the treatment cells.

Our sludge mapping team often finds that sludge depth is significantly different than what operators expected and that it’s unevenly distributed in lagoon cells. These factors alone can cause a number of problems in lagoon operation such as insufficient treatment capacity and retention time, flow impediment, short circuiting, and inadequate removal of BOD, TSS and/or ammonia. 

But once the information is in hand, operators and utilities managers can benchmark the current sludge situation and make informed decisions on a number of sludge management actions including: 

  • Current and required lagoon capacity;
  • How much sludge to remove and from which areas of the lagoon;
  • How often sludge should be removed;
  • Budget planning for removal.

Depending on the results, lagoon operators may decide to cleanout the entire lagoon, or remove sludge only from areas of concern. 

Bishop Water Technologies and its business partner, Geo-Dredging and Dewatering Solutions can provide comprehensive services to measure, plan, remove and dewater sludge from wastewater treatment lagoons of all sizes. Our advanced hydraulic dredge enables lagoon cleanout to occur while the facility remains in operation and our onsite dewatering capabilities—using Geotube® containers—dramatically reduces the cost of sludge disposal and truck traffic.  

Our affordable sludge mapping services can often be completed in a day or two and can include a sludge profile that will show the composition of the sludge, identify contaminants and the dewatering properties of the sludge.

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