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BioCord™ Reactor Treatment Systems


Bishop Water developed BioCord™ Reactor treatment systems as an innovative solution to the wastewater treatment needs of municipal, industrial and agricultural sectors. BioCord™ Reactors provide the ideal environment for naturally occurring bacteria to develop by combining high surface area with an energy efficient aeration system, . By increasing surface area, we increase the level of biological activity in a treatment system.

dundalk treatment systems

Suitable for improving BOD, TSS, and ammonia removal, BioCord™ Reactors are ideal for treatment system upgrades. The Reactor aeration actively manages the attached biomass by sloughing, while enhancing mixing and providing dissolved oxygen to the biomass.

BioCord™ Reactors are the cost-effective and energy efficient way to increase treatment capacity without increasing footprint. Applications range from in-situ retrofits, to side-streams (ie pilot systems) and new facilities. With the integrated aeration system using fine bubble tubing, BioCord™ Reactors keep water free of ice during the winter. The additional surface area allows bacteria to stay active and continue nitrifying, which makes BioCord™ Reactors a great solution for winter month treatment.

Learn more about BioCord™ Reactor treatment systems by reading our case studies, or this informative brochure.

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