Geotube® Pulp & Paper Solutions

Pulp and paper mills need to effectively manage water in order to be successful. The Geotube® solution can achieve this in a manner that is likely more cost effective than what is currently being used, and also in a way that meets environmental concerns.

Geotube® technology: the intelligent solution

  • Over 90% solids removal.
  • Works with fine grained sediments.
  • Controls odour.
  • Effluent can often be discharged without additional treatment.
  • Ideal for continuous operations, mill waste streams and clarifier underflow.
  • Adds capacity without increased capital, energy, maintenance or manpower.
  • Cleans tank, pond or lagoon waste areas.

Geotube® dewatering technology has been used for lagoon cleanout, dewatering of process waste and even environmental contamination. For some facilities, the Geotube® solution is a temporary process; for others, it is a regular part of their operations. The flexibility of the Geotube®; solution allows for both options.

The technology in the Geotube® dewatering process has proven to yield extremely good results. In some cases, material has reached solid levels of more than 45%.

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