Happy Holidays from the team at Bishop Water Technologies

On behalf of the team at Bishop Water Technologies, we’d like to wish you all the best this holiday season.

We’re thankful for the support that we’ve received from you – our partners and clients – over the last year.

As the new year approaches, we’re looking forward to working with you and building on our successes.


To celebrate the new year, let’s look back and review some of our top stories from 2018:

Stormwater sediment repurposed as landscape material 

stormwater sediment bag, top stories

Bishop Water’s solids management solution has allowed an Ottawa community to more simply and reliably remove its stormwater sediment. Consolidating the solids into geotextile bags furthermore eliminates the need to transport dredged sediment to a disposal site. As a result, hauling costs were also significantly reduced. The onsite reuse of stormwater sediment also complies with the MECP’s best management practices for excess soil management.


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Polymer injection system simplifies mixing, maximizes dewatering

vepas, polymer injection, top storiesBecause of inefficient mixing and equipment maintenance, chemical costs can play a significant role in sludge handling. To help reduce these costs, Bishop Water Technologies offers a specialized polymer dosing system.  The Venturi Emulsified Polymer Activation System (VEPAS) is designed to fully activate liquid polymer emulsions in a single pass, without the use of mechanical agitation or mix tanks. As a result, polymer mixing and handling are dramatically simplified, allowing for hassle-free dewatering.


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Research study aims to validate BioCord™ Reactor system for high-strength ammonia treatment

Many industrial producers fahigh strength ammonia, industrial, top storiesce potentially hefty sewer surcharges for discharging of high-strength ammonia wastewater. For that reason, Bishop Water conducted a research study to validate the ability of the BioCord™ Reactor system to effectively remove ammonia in high-strength wastewater applications. By testing its ability to treat concentrations of ammonia up to 1000 mg/L, the study explores a potentially low-maintenance solution for industrial users. In contrast to existing technologies, the BioCord™ Reactor can be an effective, low-cost, and customizable way to treat high-strength ammonia wastewater.

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