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Biological Nutrient Removal

ClariPhos™ Rare Earth Coagulant
beats alum and ferric for phosphorus removal.

Nutrient Capture and Control

Geotube Shoreline Systems

Nutrient Capture and Control

Protect, reclaim, restore.

Specially Engineered Fabrics

Simple, cost-effective sludge management in the far north.

Biological Nutrient Removal

BioCord™ Reactors

Biological Nutrient Removal

Reliable, cold-weather ammonia removal.

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Simple, low-energy
solids management and nutrient removal solutions.

Bishop Solids Management Solution

Solids Management

Bishop Solids Management Solutions reduce the cost and complexity of solids collection, dewatering and containment. Achieve a high level of dry solids using only Geotube® filtration, specially selected polymers and gravity. Our versatile solution has been used nation wide for lagoon cleanouts, residuals management, excess soil dewatering and more.  

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Bishop Nutrient Removal

Nutrient Removal

Robust and reliable wastewater treatment doesn’t have to be complex or costly. Our easy-to-use, low energy solutions achieve stringent regulatory requirements for ammonia, total nitrogen, phosphorus, BOD and more for a fraction of the capital and operating costs of alternatives.

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Bishop Complete Wastewater Solutions

Complete Solutions

Customize your solution from our portfolio of simple, low-energy technologies. Whether you’re looking for a component or a complete, integrated solution, our team is ready to build a robust, cost-effective system that meets your needs for solids management and nutrient removal in a wide range of municipal, industrial, commercial or agricultural applications.

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Intelligent Solutions For Water



ClariPhos™ beats alum and ferric for phosphorus removal.

ClariPhos rare earth coagulant achieves P levels as low as  0.07 mg/L without tertiary filtration, produces up to 50% less sludge and requires 30-70% lower dose than alternatives. Watch the video to see a side-by-side comparison of ClariPhos vs. alum and ferric coagulants.