ClariPhos Rare Earth Coagulant

Biological Nutrient Removal

ClariPhos™ Rare Earth Coagulant
beats alum and ferric for phosphorus removal.

BioCord Reactors

Biological Nutrient Removal

BioCord™ Reactors

Biological Nutrient Removal

Reliable, cold-weather ammonia removal.

Geotube Shoreline Systems

Nutrient Capture and Control

Geotube Shoreline Systems

Nutrient Capture and Control

Protect, reclaim, restore.

Simplifying arsenic sludge management at a gold mine

Specially Engineered Fabrics

Simplifying arsenic sludge management
at a gold mine

ClariPhos Pilot Test

Biological Nutrient Removal

Lakeshore West WPCP begins testing ClariPhos™
to cope with increasing phosphorus loading.

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Simple, low-energy solutions
for solids management and nutrient removal.

Bishop Solids Management Solution

Solids Management

Bishop Solids Management Solutions reduce the cost and complexity of solids collection, dewatering and containment. Achieve a high level of dry solids using only Geotube® filtration, specially selected polymers and gravity. Our versatile solution has been used nation wide for lagoon cleanouts, residuals management, excess soil dewatering and more.

Bishop Nutrient Removal

Nutrient Removal

Robust and reliable wastewater treatment doesn’t have to be complex or costly. Our easy-to-use, low energy solutions achieve stringent regulatory requirements for ammonia, total nitrogen, phosphorus, BOD and more for a fraction of the capital and operating costs of alternatives.

Bishop Complete Wastewater Solutions

Complete Solutions

Customize your solution from our portfolio of simple, low-energy technologies. Whether you’re looking for a component or a complete, integrated solution, our team is ready to build a robust, cost-effective system that meets your needs for solids management and nutrient removal in a wide range of municipal, industrial, commercial or agricultural applications.

Intelligent Solutions For Water



Improve cold-weather ammonia removal in your lagoon for up to 50% less than alternatives.

Bishop BioCord™ Reactors are like a condominium for bacteria that can be installed directly into a lagoon or treatment basin to improve cold-weather treatment of ammonia and organics. BioCord’s in-situ design eliminates many of the components that post-lagoon systems require, which dramatically reduces capital and operating costs.

Learn more about Bishop BioCord Reactors.