Simple, low-energy solutions
for solids management and nutrient removal


Cost-effective, onsite solids dewatering and containment.

Reliable, resilient removal of BOD, ammonia and phosphorus.


Full suite of chemical treatment and chemical injection systems.


Protection from waves, storms and intense erosion.

Wastewater treatment shouldn't be complex or costly. 

Improve treatment performance and extend the life of existing infrastructure for a fraction of the cost of alternatives. 

Improve cold-weather ammonia removal in your lagoon for up to 50% less than alternatives.

Bishop BioCord™ Reactors are like a condominium for bacteria that can be installed directly into a lagoon or treatment basin to improve cold-weather treatment of ammonia and organics. BioCord’s in-situ design eliminates many of the components that post-lagoon systems require, which dramatically reduces capital and operating costs.


Proven reliable performance

For more than 20 years, our highly experienced teams have focused on developing and optimizing technologies that provide best-in-class operational, economic and environmental benefits without the high cost and complexity of alternative solutions.

On-demand webinars

Watch our on-demand webinars that are designed to provide valuable insights and information on solids management and nutrient removal.

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