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Solving Environmental Challenges

Solving Environmental Challenges

Biological Nutrient Removal

Bishop BioCord Reactors
for simple, low-energy
nutrient removal

Specially Engineered Fabrics

Specially Engineered Fabrics

Lagoon Maintenance

Lagoon Maintenance

Nutrient Capture and Control

Nutrient Capture and Control

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What We Offer


Whether you are decommissioning or maintaining a lagoon, cleaning up contaminated sediments, or are in need of any other solids management solution, Bishop Water can help. Our technology offers a competitive low-cost, low-energy solution while providing high performance quality to surpass requirements. This versatile solution can be used in a wide range of applications including municipal and industrial.


Before paying for an expensive upgrade to your system, find out how you can revitalize it with this low-energy, low-cost solution. BioCord™ Reactors act as condominiums for naturally occurring bacteria to promote biological nutrient removal. Easy to retrofit existing treatment plants or lagoons, as well as design into new-builds to increase treatment capacity without increasing your footprint.


With several permanent facilities in operation, our experienced team of technicians and project managers is dedicated to building complete solutions for your wastewater needs. With in-house bench testing capabilities to find the optimal chemical treatment and our customizable automated polymer injection systems, we will provide a system that fits your available footprint.

Intelligent Solutions For Water


Bishop Water nominated for 2020 Water’s Next award

Bishop Water has been selected as a finalist for a 2020 Water’s Next Award in the category of Projects and Technology: Early Adoption.  The nomination recognizes the use of Bishop […]


Rare earth coagulant helps Hartford, WI achieve stringent phosphorus limit of 0.075mg/L

When the state of Wisconsin created stringent new water quality standards in 2013 to protect surface waters from eutrophication, about 400 treatment plants received tough new discharge limits for total […]


More than a sandbag: Geotube® containers protect shorelines, restore beaches, create wetlands and more.

What does a beach restoration in the U.S., a jetty in Ecuador, and an underwater structure used in Germany to contain dredge spoils have in common?  All are examples of […]



BioCord™: A full-scale demonstration project at the Township of Southgate

In August 2016, Bishop Water in association with Geo-dredging and Dewatering began a BioCord™ demonstration project in Dundalk Ontario.


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