Dredging and dewatering solutions

Dredging and dewatering solutions

Mobile ECA for rapid results

The mobile Bishop Solids Management Solution has been granted a Mobile Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) from the province of Ontario. This enables our team to quickly mobilize at a site and eliminates the need for a municipality or business to undergo a lengthy ECA application and approval process. It also helps projects to start sooner, stay on schedule and ensure that all wastewater or groundwater from the site is collected, treated to the required standard and safely discharged.

Reliable, highly experienced project delivery

Bishop Water works closely with our business partner, Geo-Dredging and Dewatering Solutions, to provide comprehensive solids management solutions for a wide range of applications.

We’ve teamed together for more than a decade to deliver efficient and cost-effective solids management solutions for municipalities, pulp and paper mills, mining operations, food processors, agricultural sites, aquaculture producers and many others.

We’re committed to providing turnkey solutions with the best possible customer service. So whether we’re preparing to cleanout a wastewater lagoon or developing a permanent onsite system to collect process waste materials, our teams cover every aspect of the project including sludge testing, polymer selection, project planning, solids collection, and dewatering.

Our close collaboration and commitment to providing innovative, cost-effective solutions has enabled the development of unique, process-optimized technologies for our Solids Management Solution. These include the VEPAS polymer system which provides simple, automated chemical conditioning and BioCord Reactors for low-energy nutrient removal from filtrate.


Bishop Solids Management Solution

Reduce the cost and complexity of solids collection, dewatering and containment with easy-to-operate, low-energy Bishop Solids Management Solutions.

mobile dewatering solutions

Mobile Dewatering Equipment

Bishop Water’s Mobile Dewatering Equipment provides a rapidly deployable, compact solution to efficiently and cost-effectively handle the collection and dewatering of materials from virtually any site.

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ClariPhos Rare Earth Coagulant

With this advanced coagulant, wastewater treatment plants can achieve ultra-low phosphorus limits—as low as 0.07 mg/L—without the need to install or upgrade costly tertiary filtration systems.

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