Bishop Solids Management Solution

Reduce the cost and complexity of solids collection, dewatering and containment with easy-to-operate, low-energy Bishop Solids Management Solutions.

Bishop Solids Management Solutions are ideal to collect and dewater virtually any type of organic or granular slurry material, including fines, silts and clays. Systems that are permanently installed, or operating on a temporary basis, are proven to provide consistent results and reliable, cost-effective dewatering performance, odour control and containment for a wide range of demanding applications.

Unlike complex, energy-intensive mechanical dewatering equipment, the Bishop approach utilizes a passive dewatering process that achieves a high level of dry solids using only specially selected polymers, Geotube® filtration and gravity.

Systems can be integrated to plant SCADA and can automatically adjust polymer dose and feed rates according to sludge characteristics.

Lagoon sludge cleanouts with the Bishop Solids Management Solution

Removing accumulated sludge from a lagoon system is a fast, cost-effective way to restore treatment capacity and performance. Our Solids Management Solution has been used at municipal and industrial sites to collect, dewater and consolidate sludge. It’s a simple, low-energy process that is proven to perform faster, more efficiently and often at lower cost than alternatives such as centrifuges.

Fast, effective performance

Bishop Solids Management Solutions, with Geotube® dewatering containers, can accept and dewater solids as fast as they can be pumped in, which eliminates the additional time that some conventional settling processes require.

Once dewatering is complete, solids content can be as high as 40%, which helps dramatically reduce transportation costs for disposal or reuse. The stabilized material emits no significant odour and is more like soil than sludge, enabling it to be used for soil amendment or landscape material, where appropriate.

These advantages enable Bishop Solids Management Solutions to perform faster, more efficiently and at lower cost than alternative systems.

After dewatering sludge in a Geotube container

A system for all dewatering and containment projects

Modular Bishop Solids Management Solutions are fully customizable to fit any dewatering and containment parameters within a compact site footprint. This versatility, combined with robust performance, has led to rapid adoption for challenging solutions throughout Canada

Wastewater and water treatment

Sludge dewatering, lagoon cleanout, septage management, water treatment residuals

Commercial, industrial & agricultural

Expand lagoon capacity, dewater and contain process waste material.

Stormwater ponds

Restore storage capacity without decommissioning ponds.

Environmental remediation

Dredging and dewatering of contaminated sediment from rivers, lakes, tailings ponds and more.


On-site collection and dewatering of excess solids for reuse or removal.

Shoreline protection & marine structures

Protect and reclaim land, create wetlands, build offshore structures

Precise polymer control accelerates dewatering and produces high quality filtrate.

Precise, automated polymer dosing with Bishop Water’s easy-to-use Venturi Emulsified Polymer Activation System (VEPAS™) accelerates dewatering and ensures that fine solids are bound together and remain in the container.

An optimized polymer regime, combined with Geotube® containers, aids in the removal and retention of contaminants such as BOD, TSS, phosphorus, nitrogen and even metals, including lead, copper, nickel, chromium, cobalt and more. In many cases, this treatment process can produce filtrate that meets regulatory requirements for discharge into sanitary sewers or directly into receiving bodies.

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Dredging and dewatering solutions

Geo-dredging and dewatering solutions

Bishop Water works closely with our business partner, Geo-Dredging and Dewatering Solutions, to provide comprehensive solids management solutions for a wide range of applications.

mobile dewatering solutions

Mobile Dewatering Equipment

Bishop Water’s Mobile Dewatering Equipment provides a rapidly deployable, compact solution to efficiently and cost-effectively handle the collection and dewatering of materials from virtually any site.

Sludge dewaterability testing

Simple, bench-scale tests can quickly and accurately model the performance and anticipated savings of full-scale Bishop Solids Management Solutions.

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