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Quality and quantity: How a BioCord frame delivers strength and value

When it’s dry, a metre of BioCord weighs almost nothing. But after it’s immersed into a wastewater system and becomes a home for a healthy, active biofilm, it really packs on bulk. Each metre of once-wispy BioCord can weigh as much as four kilograms when it’s fully populated with aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms.

A reactor frame can be fitted with more than 600 metres of BioCord, so it’s easy to see that the supporting frame must be strong to handle the dramatic increase in mass as the biofilm develops.

The Bishop Water team has tested a number of designs and materials to create the optimum BioCord frame that offers the greatest strength, reliability and service life at the lowest cost. For most applications, aluminum offers a strong, but lightweight, frame that can be customized to any size and will support the full weight of the BioCord media along with the active biofilm layer. Overall, the design of our aluminum frames offers the performance of stainless steel, but at about half the weight and half the cost.

All BioCord frames are manufactured in Canada to ensure that we can maintain tight control on quality and delivery times. It also enables us to respond quickly to orders and reduces shipping time and cost.

Our frames are assembled in a modular fashion during the manufacturing process and then prepared for shipping in a flat pack. This arrangement greatly reduces the space required for shipping and the cost. Once the frames arrive at their destination, they can be quickly assembled and then brought to site ready to install. In many cases, a BioCord system can be fully installed in just a few days, while the plant remains in operation.

BioCord™ Reactors - simple, low-energy, lagoon nutrient removal

BioCord Reactors provide a simple, low-energy, fixed-film biological treatment process to dramatically increase the performance of wastewater lagoons and conventional activated sludge systems for ammonia, BOD and TSS removal.

BioCord Reactors can be installed directly into an existing treatment system, which helps to dramatically reduce capital costs by avoiding expansion to the plant footprint or adding side-stream process tanks.

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