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If you want to work for Bishop Water, our CEO says you need some attitude

When it comes to building a successful clean-tech company, technical skills are typically thought to be the most desirable trait for new hires. However, according to Kevin Bossy, CEO of Bishop Water, while technical skills are important, it’s heart and desire that help find new innovations and really engage with customers. Low-energy solutions are often found by those with a high-energy attitude. This philosophy has helped Bishop Water achieve extraordinary progress in developing and optimizing simple, low-energy treatment technologies.

In a recent interview on BioTalent Canada’s “The Science of Talent” podcast, Kevin discusses with host Rob Henderson about how Bishop Water’s focus on attitude has enabled the company to achieve major milestones. Over the past 15 years, the company has experienced tenfold growth, attracted and retained top talent, and commercialized industry-leading solutions.

“Having an entrepreneurial spirit, that sort of inquisitiveness, those kinds of things, in my mind are somewhat more important than the technical.”  – K. Bossy

About The Science of Talent Podcast

Accessing (and keeping) talent in today’s biotechnology sector isn’t easy.  Podcast host Rob Henderson, the CEO of BioTalent Canada, examines the latest labour market reports, labour market research, and shares success stories with other leaders in the biotech sector.

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Bishop Water is a rapidly growing, Canadian company dedicated to the development of easy-to-use, low-energy and affordable solutions for solids management and nutrient removal.

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