Don’t sweat over cold-weather ammonia removal. Test our simple, low-energy BioCord system

If you’re already starting to worry about cold-weather ammonia reduction in your wastewater plant, we can help ease your troubles. Our BioCord fixed-film biological system is a simple, low-energy process that can quickly and affordably improve cold-weather ammonia removal. Your community may also be eligible for funding to test this robust process from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Green Municipal Fund. 

BioCord fixed-film reactors are installed directly into a treatment lagoon and act like a condominium for bacteria to grow a massive colony of desirable microbes. 

There’s strength in numbers, which enables the microbes in the lagoon system to continue achieving nitrification, despite the cold temperature. In the spring, BioCord helps the microbial population to quickly rebound to optimum levels.  BioCord can also be used to reduce other common wastewater constituents such as BOD, COD, TSS and phosphorus.

Test BioCord performance at your lagoon

A BioCord pilot system can be easily installed at any wastewater lagoon to test system performance under site-specific conditions. Following a site assessment, a team from Bishop Water Technologies can install a BioCord pilot system that is capable of treating about 20 m3 (5,000 gallons) of wastewater per day to evaluate its effectiveness at producing treated effluent that will meet the regulated ammonia limit for the site. 

A compact BioCord pilot system can be brought to site fully assembled in a standard shipping container or installed in a building or on a pad. The pilot system is fully equipped with all pipes and electrical connections to be quickly connected to an electrical supply and a feed and discharge line for wastewater and treated effluent.

BioCord pilot system

Once connected, microbial growth will begin almost immediately and the system typically achieves result within two to four weeks of commissioning. The Bishop Water team will provide comprehensive installation and commissioning services and will conduct regular sampling, monitoring and maintenance of the system. Within two to four months, the system can provide sufficient operational data to demonstrate its capabilities for cold-weather biological ammonia reduction. 

Apply for funding from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities

The FCM Municipal Green Fund provides financial assistance for pilot projects to test innovative wastewater treatment technologies that improve treatment performance and help protect the environment.

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Contact us to discuss BioCord upgrades to your wastewater plant.