High strength ammonia treatment with BioCord Reactors

Research study and pilot testing aim to validate BioCord™ Reactor system for high strength ammonia treatment

A new research study aims to validate the ability of the BioCord™ Reactor system to effectively remove ammonia in high strength wastewater applications. A key requirement of this project is to ensure that BioCord Reactors can sufficiently reduce high strength ammonia concentrations and consequently reduce or eliminate hefty sewer surcharges levied on industrial producers of these waste streams.

In April 2017, Bishop Water Technologies started working on a research project with Queen’s University and Dr. Steven Liss (currently Vice-President of Research and Innovation at Ryerson University). The project team is testing a BioCord Reactor system for its ability to treat waste streams with ammonia concentrations as high as 1,000 mg/L.

“Lab testing at Queen’s University is showing that the BioCord Reactor system is responding quickly and effectively to treat high strength ammonia, even when the influent concentrations are variable,” says Kevin Bossy, CEO of Bishop Water Technologies. “Based on what we’ve seen so far, we are confident that future pilot testing will show similar results.”

high strength ammonia test

Undertake a no-risk BioCord pilot study to remove ammonia at your site

If your site continually faces municipal sewer surcharges for discharging high strength ammonia, a BioCord Reactor pilot system can quickly demonstrate a simple, low-energy pre-treatment process along with rapid ROI.

Following an assessment, a team from Bishop Water Technologies can bring a compact, fully assembled BioCord Reactor pilot system to your site and can usually install it within one day. The pilot system is fully equipped with all electrical connections needed. This allows for “plug-and-play” to an electrical supply provided by the client. In addition, all piping is included such as feed and discharge lines for wastewater and treated effluent.

The Bishop Water team will provide comprehensive installation and commissioning services for the duration of the pilot project in addition to conducting regular sampling, monitoring and maintenance of the system. Within four to eight weeks, the system can provide sufficient operational data to demonstrate its pre-treatment capabilities and help you potentially reduce or eliminate sewer surcharges.

Contact us to learn more about the pilot project and to inquire about participating in the study.

Learn more about BioCord Reactors for ammonia removal.

Attend our presentation on the feasibility of fixed-film technology to treat high strength ammonia synthetic wastewater at the ecoSTP Conference in London, Ontario on June 27, 2018.

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