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Ammonia Removal

Ammonia removal is becoming a growing concern for wastewater treatment facilities as capacity decreases and discharge limits become more stringent. Eutrophication is effecting the health of North American lakes and rivers, and ammonia is one of the main contributing factors. The key to reducing nutrients in these water bodies is to control the problem at the source.

Biological Nutrient Removal with BioCord™

BioCord™ Reactors are the cost-effective and energy efficient way to increase treatment capacity without increasing footprint. Applications range from in-situ retrofits, to side-streams (ie pilot systems) and new facilities. Since 2011 we have been running a pilot demonstration, first at the Eganville WWTP and then at the Renfrew WWTP in 2014. We continue to see consistent results. BioCord™ Reactors create a resilient biological nutrient removal (BNR) treatment system. Suitable for improving BOD, TSS, and ammonia removal, BioCord™ Reactors are ideal for treatment system upgrades.

ammonia removal data renfrew

The Reactor’s aeration actively manages the attached biomass by sloughing, while enhancing mixing and providing dissolved oxygen to the biomass. Biofilm is very resilient against toxic shock and hydraulic surges since communities are able to grow larger and insulate themselves. The older a biofilm gets, the more resilient it becomes, therefore the goal of BioCord is to create these older, larger communities by creating a “condominium” for the bacteria. The structure of BioCord maximizes surface area for biofilm development, while our integrated aeration system optimizes the biological growth.

biocord for ammonia removal

Learn more about BioCord™ Reactors by reading our case studies, or this informative brochure.

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