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Are you ready for a better coagulant for phosphorus removal?

3 simple steps to test rare-earth coagulant at your plant

New ClariPhos™ rare-earth coagulant is a proven solution to hit phosphorus levels as low as 0.07 mg/L in treated effluent and reduce sludge production by as much as 50% in the process.

Over 50 treatment plants in the US are already using it to comply with tough phosphorus discharge regulations, avoid the need to add tertiary filtration and reduce operating costs.

Testing ClariPhos performance for your plant can be done easily, just by switching your current liquid ferric or alum coagulant to our rare-earth coagulant.

The results will be visible almost immediately since ClariPhos binds more tightly to phosphorus. This produces a denser, heavier precipitate that settles about two times faster what you’re currently using. Your clarifier will perform better, you’ll achieve higher phosphorus reduction and produce significantly less sludge as an added benefit.

Here’s how we’d do it:

1) Jar testing

Simple jar tests with ClariPhos and a small sample of wastewater can quickly demonstrate the effectiveness and anticipated performance of the coagulant at your plant. The results are also used to calculate the dose rate and verify that your current equipment is up to the task. We find that the dosage rates can be significantly lower for ClariPhos as compared to conventional coagulants, so a smaller, more precise feed pump may be needed. If your treatment plant does not currently have a phosphorus removal step, we can also help design and install the process and equipment.

2) Plant assessment

A quick look at the plant’s treatment processes, configuration and performance will enable our wastewater specialist to verify process equipment and select the best feed point for ClariPhos to ensure optimum mixing and retention time.

3) Installation

Replace your existing coagulant with ClariPhos and let the test begin. The duration depends on your plant and the conditions it faces. We recommend that the test go long enough to experience typical variations in flow and loading to collect a good data set.

A comparison of sludge produced to remove an equivalent amount of phosphorus.

Watch our video to see faster settling and lower sludge volume for ClariPhos compared to conventional Al- and Fe-based coagulants.

Comparing settling time and sludge volumes.

Learn about ClariPhos™, a game-changing rare earth coagulant that outperforms aluminum- and iron-based alternatives for phosphorus removal.

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Learn about ClariPhos™, a game-changing rare earth coagulant that outperforms aluminum- and iron-based alternatives for phosphorus removal.

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