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ClariPhos™ receives ECA for phosphorus removal, enabling pilot testing throughout Ontario

Bishop Water now has an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) for our ClariPhos™ Rare Earth Coagulant, which means we can simplify the process to temporarily replace conventional coagulants and demonstrate the impressive phosphorus removal abilities of this product at wastewater plants throughout Ontario.

Our ECA enables wastewater plants that don’t have Limited Operational Flexibility ((LOF) to conduct a ClariPhos pilot without amending their current ECA. Once the performance and benefits of ClariPhos have been validated, plant administrators can apply to change their ECAs.

ClariPhos is a game-changing technology that dramatically outperforms aluminum- or iron-based coagulants for phosphorus removal. With ClariPhos, wastewater treatment plants can achieve ultra-low phosphorus limits—as low as 0.07 mg/L—without the need to install or upgrade costly tertiary filtration systems.

ClariPhos maintains a 1:1 molar dose ratio, even when achieving ultra-low phosphorus limits. By comparison, conventional coagulants are typically dosed at a 5:2 molar ratio and can climb as high as 8:1. As a result, ClariPhos can reduce sludge production by as much as 50% and the associated costs of sludge management.

A comparison of sludge produced to remove an equivalent amount of phosphorus.

Switching to ClariPhos is easy.

In most cases, operators can replace conventional aluminum or iron coagulants with ClariPhos. The product requires no special chemical feed equipment and will often work with existing feed pumps.

Bishop Water provides comprehensive services for a pilot or full-scale implementation of ClariPhos. Our team will assess your plant’s current phosphorus removal equipment and operation to determine the optimal dosing location and dose rate. Samples will also be obtained at various points in the treatment process to optimize ClariPhos performance through steady conditions as well as variable flows and loads.

Once ClariPhos is fully implemented, Bishop Water can provide ongoing support through routine technical service visits and ongoing sampling, analysis and optimization.

A ClariPhos pilot may be eligible for funding from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Green Fund, which supports innovative wastewater treatment initiatives.

Comparing settling time and sludge volumes.

Learn about ClariPhos™, a game-changing rare earth coagulant that outperforms aluminum- and iron-based alternatives for phosphorus removal.

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Learn about ClariPhos™, a game-changing rare earth coagulant that outperforms aluminum- and iron-based alternatives for phosphorus removal.

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