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In 30 mins we’ll show you how much ClariPhos™ coagulant can save for your WWTP.

Lower dose rate, reduced sludge volume, better clarifier performance, improved phosphorus removal—these are just a few of the cost-saving benefits that ClariPhos™ rare earth coagulant can bring to a wastewater treatment plant.

ClariPhos outperforms conventional Al- or Fe-based coagulants because it’s made with the rare earth elements, cerium and lanthanum. These elements for a tighter bond with phosphorus and denser precipitate that settles up to two times faster than alternatives.

That means WWTPs using ClariPhos can remove more phosphorus, more quickly while producing less sludge and avoiding the need for costly capital projects to add tertiary filtration systems.

In about 30 minutes we can calculate how much your WWTP can save by switching to ClariPhos coagulant. All we need is some information about your current phosphorus removal program and sludge management costs. We’ll compare ClariPhos performance based on your data and tell you how much you can save for chemicals and sludge management.

An example of sludge volumes produced to remove an equivalent amount of phosphorus.
ClariPhos produces a significantly smaller amount sludge that is denser and settles up to two times faster.

Proven results

Treatment plants that are using ClariPhos report significantly lower coagulant dose rates and sludge reductions of up to 50%. They also experience significant improvements in sludge dewaterability, with solids concentration in dewatered materials increasing by as much as 40%. With these benefits, treatment plants can potentially reduce sludge management costs by tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Here’s an example of the savings. A 0.77 MGD treatment plant in the United States is saving over $70,000 per year in sludge management after switching to rare earth coagulant. Operators were able to reduce belt press operation by 80% and experienced a 40% improvement in sludge dewatering. With a smaller volume of drier sludge to handle, the plant has also benefits from a 59% reduction in the amount of sludge that is transported to landfill.

ClariPhos reduces caustic costs too

ClariPhos also contributes to lower costs for pH adjustment chemicals. That’s because it is about 100 times less acidic than alum and is far less likely to impact the pH of the treatment process. Some treatment plants have been able to eliminate pH adjustment entirely after switching to a rare earth coagulant, providing additional savings in chemical costs.

Watch our video to see faster settling and lower sludge volume for ClariPhos compared to conventional Al- and Fe-based coagulants.

Comparing settling time and sludge volumes.

Learn about ClariPhos™, a game-changing rare earth coagulant that outperforms aluminum- and iron-based alternatives for phosphorus removal.

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Learn about ClariPhos™, a game-changing rare earth coagulant that outperforms aluminum- and iron-based alternatives for phosphorus removal.

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