Did you miss our webinars?

Over the past few weeks our team ran a series of educational webinars that took a deep dive into Bishop BioCord Reactors and our new Rare Earth Advanced Coagulant for phosphorus removal.

Our five-part BioCord webinar series looked at every aspect of this simple, low-energy, fixed-film biological treatment process from the basics of how it achieves year-round ammonia removal, to pilot testing, full-scale design and process optimization. Whether you’re considering upgrades to an existing facility, or building a new one, watch our webinar series to learn how BioCord reactors provide low maintenance enhanced ammonia removal with capital and operating costs that are significantly lower than alternatives. 

Shortly after that, we presented a webinar introducing a new, rare earth coagulant that outperforms alum- and ferric-based coagulants for phosphorus removal. We explained how this coagulant enables wastewater treatment plants to achieve ultra-low phosphorus levels — as low as 0.07 mg/L — without the need for costly tertiary filtration systems. It can also dramatically reduce sludge production; by as much as 50% in some cases, resulting in significant savings in sludge handling costs. 

Visit our YouTube channel to watch the webinars  and many more videos from Bishop Water.

Contact us to learn more about Bishop BioCord Reactors and the rare earth Advanced Coagulant. 

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