Mastering desludging projects: A proactive approach

Removing accumulated sludge from a lagoon system is a fast, cost-effective way to restore treatment capacity and performance. But, a successful lagoon desludging project requires thoughtful planning and careful execution to sidestep potential pitfalls that could escalate costs and slow down production.

If you want to work for Bishop Water, our CEO says you need some attitude

When it comes to building a successful clean-tech company, technical skills are typically thought to be the most desirable trait for new hires. However, according to Kevin Bossy, CEO of Bishop Water, while technical skills are important, it’s heart and desire that help find new innovations and really engage with customers.

Is your lagoon suffering from washout?

Every wastewater plant can experience washout—a condition where high hydraulic loading causes microorganisms to be flushed out of a treatment cell at a faster rate than they can be replenished.