Our project team

Our highly experienced and talented team relentlessly supports our clients and works collaboratively with like-minded, environmentally focused partners to continuously enhance the performance, value and sustainability of our solutions portfolio.


Kevin Bossy joined Bishop Water Technologies as CEO in October 2008 to lead the growth of this new company, which was spun out from Bishop Aquatic Technologies. Under Kevin’s leadership, Bishop Water has expanded quickly to establish itself as a leading provider of simple, low-energy and cost-effective solutions for nutrient removal and solids management for municipal, industrial, agricultural and commercial applications.

Kevin has played a key role in the advancement of the Bishop Water solutions portfolio, leading projects to enhance the performance, value and sustainability of these environmentally focused products. The comprehensive range of solutions now includes highly effective, energy-efficient technologies for solids dewatering and containment; BioCord™ biological wastewater treatment; and chemical conditioning of wastewater and slurry materials. Kevin also works to build a robust network of distribution partners for these products, which now includes channels to market in Canada, United States, Australia, Scandinavia and Latin America.

Mike Roberts


Mike Roberts is a founding partner of Geo-dredging and Dewatering Solutions, which was established in 2009. He leads a team of highly skilled experts in sludge removal and sludge management services and together they handle every aspect of project assessment, planning and delivery.

Over the years, Mike has been involved in a broad range of projects throughout Canada; tackling municipal lagoon cleanouts, environmental remediation of contaminated sediments, the challenges of sludge management in the far north, and more.

Mike also applies his extensive knowledge of mechanical equipment and pumping to develop and optimize many of the easy-to-use, low-energy products in the Bishop Water portfolio. He oversees the manufacturing, assembly, testing and installation of products that include dewatering trailers, BioCord™ Reactors, VEPAS™, and containerized treatment systems.

Keith Galloway


Keith Galloway is a trailblazer in the implementation of dewatering polymers in Canada. He was instrumental in optimizing the chemistry for the nation’s first municipal Geotube system, installed in 2008 to dewater wastewater sludge. Keith brings over 40 years of experience in physical/chemical and biological systems gained in a broad range of municipal treatment plants and industrial sites that include food processors, refineries, pulp and paper producers, steel mills, and metal plating.

He is an expert in working with high strength and high variability wastewater found in these applications and routinely applies this knowledge to his work with Bishop Water and Geo-dredging and Dewatering Solutions.

Keith also works closely with wastewater treatment plants and operators to supply and implement treatment chemicals, dosing and monitoring equipment.



Marc Rancourt’s diverse role with Bishop involves sales and account management, laboratory testing, project specifications and ongoing support for Bishop Water’s core product offerings, which include chemical treatment systems, solids management and biological nutrient removal. Marc also contributes significantly to the development of integrated onsite treatment solutions for key industrial and commercial markets.

He began his career in the water industry in 2006 managing chemical water treatment programs and gained a broad base of knowledge and experience. His diverse application expertise spans many industries including municipal water/wastewater, agriculture, mining, metal finishing, food and beverage, packaging, industrial laundry, aerospace, automotive and more.

Marc holds a Bachelor of Science degree from St. Francis Xavier University.

Tyler Anderson


Tyler Anderson leads multi-disciplinary teams of experts and specialist subcontractors to establish and deliver on project goals for Bishop Water’s dewatering and shoreline protection solutions. He brings over a decade of progressive technical and management experience in the environmental industry to his role.

Tyler’s diverse skills and experience enable him to provide comprehensive assessments of site conditions, dewaterability of slurried materials and potential contaminants or hazards. He is also highly proficient in water quality management, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and minimizing environmental impacts.

Prior to joining Bishop Water, Tyler was involved in environmental site assessment and remediation, permitting, and stakeholder engagement and consultation activities associated with major project development. Tyler has an Environmental Technology diploma from Fleming College, holds a C.E.T. designation from OACETT and an AScT designation from ASTTBC, and continues to expand on his technical skills and knowledge.

Wudneh Shewa


Dr. Wudneh Shewa is a key member of the BioCord Reactor research and development team. He oversees collaborative research projects with academic institutions and then works with Bishop Water technical staff to translate the results into system enhancements. His responsibilities also extend into the broader Bishop Water portfolio where he works with clients, consultants and contractors to provide proposals, designs and project management for our simple, low-energy engineered solutions.

Wud brings a strong academic and professional background to his role that includes research, engineering, strategic planning and teaching gained at a number of cleantech institutions within Canada and internationally.

Wud holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Windsor, followed by post-doctoral fellowships at University of Waterloo and Western University, an MSc in Environmental Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology and several other academic accreditations in environmentally related disciplines.

Ross McDonald - Operations Manager

Ross McDonald, oversees the planning and delivery of projects for our entire portfolio of simple, low-energy nutrient removal and solids management solutions.

Ross brings nearly 15 years of experience in the water and wastewater industries to this role, earned from a wide range of challenging projects throughout North and Central America.

He began his career as a draftsperson and quickly moved into construction management and then project management. In those roles, he applied various technologies for wastewater and environmental remediation projects at municipal plants, mine sites, resorts and more.

Ross holds a Diploma of Architectural Technology from Loyalist College and received several awards for his work while studying there.

When he’s not solving problems for clients and working hard to deliver projects on time, Ross enjoys home renovations, woodworking and kayaking.

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