Remote dredge simplifies lagoon cleanouts

Bishop Water gains remote dredge and simplifies lagoon cleanouts

A remote dredge has long played an important role in Bishop Water Technologies’ solids management solution. The dredge incorporates seamlessly into the collection and dewatering process since it pumps sludge directly into the Geotube® containers as a polymer system doses the sludge in-line. It also avoids decommissioning, draining and digging to reduce costs and disruption to the community.

Geo-Dredging and Dewatering Solutions is a key business partner for Bishop Water that provides turnkey sludge cleanout services. They have recently purchased the remote dredge. Bishop Water works with Geo-Dredging and Dewatering Solutions on projects to remove accumulated sludge that can significantly reduce the storage capacity of wastewater treatment lagoons.

remote dredge

Increase your lagoon capacity

remote dredgeBishop Water’s approach uses a remote dredge while a lagoon remains in service. As a result, wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) can restore treatment capacity and accommodate increased plant flow. The remote dredge follows a cable across the lagoon, which ensures full coverage of the entire lagoon. During this process, an auger runs across the bottom and collects the sludge.

The Geotube® containers accepts and dewater solids as fast as the dredge can pump them in, therefore eliminating the additional time that conventional settling processes require. Bishop Water’s highly experienced and capable team can provide comprehensive services to design and install a Geotube® dewatering system of any size.

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