Simple residuals management system saves $6 million for water treatment plant

Municipal | DATE POSTED: January 31, 2022

Perth WTP _ Bishop Solids Management Solution

A water treatment plant (WTP) can generate a significant amount of residuals from processes such as clarification, sedimentation, softening, iron and manganese removal, filter backwash and more. Conventional equipment to separate and dewater those residuals is often costly, but not for the Perth WTP.

The Perth WTP saved about $6 million in capital costs by implementing the Bishop Solids Management Solution to collect and dewater the sludge from its sedimentation tanks. This simple, low-eenrgy system uses only Geotube® containers, polymers and gravity to collect and dewater the residuals in a single step.

Read the case study to learn how the Bishop Solids Management Solution works and why it’s ideal for the Perth WTP.