Township of North Glengarry chooses Geotube® technology for lagoon clean-out

The township of North Glengarry operates a four-lagoon cell system in the Village of Alexandria, Ontario for the management of sewage sludge. Many municipalities utilize lagoon systems across Ontario to manage sewage, however lagoons require maintenance and periodic sludge removal in order to operate effectively and efficiently on an ongoing basis.

Simple residuals management system saves $6 million for water treatment plant

CASE STUDY The challenge: Avoiding the high cost of a complex, mechanical residuals management system A water treatment plant (WTP) can generate a significant amount of residuals from processes such as clarification, sedimentation, softening, iron and manganese removal, filter backwash and more. Dealing with these residuals often requires additional equipment and oversight to collect, thicken […]

Simplifying Arsenic Sludge Management At A Gold Mine

Arsenic-laden groundwater continually infiltrates the shafts of a gold mine in Western Canada. As it’s pumped out, an onsite treatment system removes the arsenic to produce effluent that can be safely released. But the system also produces large volumes of sludge—about 1,900 litres every 45 minutes. The sludge was a challenge for the site’s existing media filtration system and a faster, more reliable and more cost-effective solution was needed. Learn how the Bishop Solids Management Solution provided a simple, low-energy solution that achieves dewatering, filtration and containment in a single step.