Improving Water Quality Through Beneficial Bacteria

Bishop Water is the Ontario distributor for Bacterius products, which are beneficial bacteria developed
using efficient and competitive bacterial strains which can help treat ponds, lakes, municipal and industrial wastewater, and aquaculture through bioaugmentation.

What is Bioaugmentation?

Bioaugmentation is the practice of adding cultured beneficial microorganisms to an existing microbial
community. These specially-grown microorganisms produce enzymes capable of consuming excess nutrients, organics, fats, oil, grease or hydrocarbon based contaminants. Bacterius products are developed to out-compete existing, less beneficial bacteria.

Bioaugmentation by addition of beneficial bacteria reduces:

  • Concentrations of phosphorus, nitrogen, and suspended solids
  • Odours which are caused by anaerobic sludge
  • Total sludge volume
  • Organic matter and grease
aeration in lake
aeration under water

Ensuring bioaugmentation occurs as efficiently as possible

A combination of natural and beneficial pond microbes and a good aeration system is the best way to treat water most efficiently.

Adding oxygen helps keep things mixed and also reduces odour-causing bacteria.

Bioaugmentation is a very efficient and cost effective biological solution to prevent or treat water quality problems.

How does this help with water quality in the average lake or pond?

Algae blooms can occur when nutrient levels become too high in the water. The reduction of algae blooms is the main reason why pond owners or lake associations will use bioaugmentation. Our treatments help to reduce nitrogen and organic matter in the water leading to clearer water with less muck at the bottom of your pond.

How does this help with water quality in aquaculture or industrial processes?

Enzymes released by the microbes in our products break down various compounds, which may contaminate the environment. Ammonia levels produced from fish may be hazardous to the fish and to the environment. We provide a solution whereby microbes facilitate the nitrification and denitrification processes to eliminate ammonia.

Bacterius N
The nitrifying bacteria in Bacterius N can quickly oxidize ammonia and nitrites into a non-toxic nitrogen compound. Reducing ammonia is a key factor in reducing algae in your water.
Bacterius C
This product quickly and safely eliminates organic matter and stinky muck from the pond floor using a blend of beneficial bacterial strains from natural aquatic environments
Bacterius Pond
This maintains a natural equilibrium in your pond, keeping water clear, helping reduce organic sediments and controlling the growth of algae.
Bacterius Equinox
A cold water treatment for spring and fall. Bacterius Equinox improves water quality in cold water, preserving the health and vitality of the animal and plant life in the pond.
Bacterius WTF
A mixture of highly efficient natural bacteria to improve waste water treatments and to reduce FOG, BOD, COD, organic solids, sludge and odours.
Bacterius TRAP
This blend of natural bacteria found removes oil and grease (FOG) and also effectively controls odours. Vegetable and animal FOGs can be found in the grease traps of restaurants, treatment plant basins, food processing wastewater, and more.
Bacterius Sept
This product for septic tanks and chemical toilets eliminates odor problems, blockages, and overflows. These bacteria are selected to actively break down toilet paper, oils, fats, and other substances likely to cause odor and blockage problems.
Bacterius No. 2
These dry beneficial bacteria keep septic systems, tanks and weeping fields clean and operating efficiently by maintaining beneficial bacteria at proper levels.

How do I know what product(s) will solve my pond or water issue?

We would be pleased to discuss any questions you have and learn more about your pond / water issues. If you have not used our beneficial bacteria products before, please contact us. We will be happy to help find the right bacteria for your project to ensure its success

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