VEPAS: One-step polymer mixing and activation

Proven performance in a broad range of applications

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Polymer is the secret ingredient for maximizing dewatering and achieving high quality filtrate from the Bishop Solids Management Solution. Bishop Water’s team is highly experienced in testing and selecting the proper polymer, but this is only part of the solution.

Precise dosing with an automated polymer system is integral for ensuring that dewatering operations run smoothly. Not enough polymer will produce poor dewatering and low-quality filtrate. Too much polymer can cause the pores of the Geotube® container to clog and prevent water from being released.

The Bishop Solids Management Solution includes a customizable and easy-to-operate Venturi Emulsified Liquid Polymer Activation System (VEPAS), for precise, automated polymer dosing. Customization includes sizing, mobility, and level of automation.

Compact size, smart controls, rapid installation

Skid-mounted VEPAS occupies a fraction of the space of a conventional mechanical polymer system and can be quickly installed for new or retrofit applications in treatment plants, mobile trailers, or utility buildings. Unlike conventional polymer systems that require bulky mix tanks, the VEPAS works by injecting and activating polymer in a single pass. Installation is simple. Connect incoming water and polymer to the VEPAS and connect the activated polymer feed line to the water or sludge flow line.

VEPAS system

VEPAS can be equipped with PLC controls and sensors to measure the flow rate and density of the slurry and automatically adjust the polymer dose to achieve the desired dewatering. These smart controls can also communicate with 4-20 mA inputs and enable VEPAS to integrate with SCADA systems. In this configuration, VEPAS can be set to automatically begin operating when feed pumps are activated.

VEPAS is ideal for any application where liquid polymer is required. The system is widely used in several industries including water/wastewater, environmental remediation, construction, food processing, mining, agriculture and more.

VEPAS maintenance takes minutes, not hours

The VEPAS venturi-based design eliminates many of the components in mechanical polymer systems that take so much time to maintain and clean, such as mixers and aging tanks.

An operator has to perform only a few simple steps to clean the system, prevent clogs and prepare it for the next use. The process only requires removal of the venturi, washing out residual polymer and replacing it. Polymer lines are equally fast to clean and require only a quick flush.

Watch our video to see how simple VEPAS maintenance is.

Download the VEPAS brochure.

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