Bench Testing and Trial Dewatering

Spending too much for water or waste water treatment chemicals? Bench testing allows us to quickly determine the best chemical and dosage rates to meet your needs and monitor water quality during and after installation. Not only do we conduct thorough evaluation of chemical conditioning requirements we also perform a trial dewatering test in our labs using our Geotube® RDT lab test to determine the effectivness of Geotube® technology at dewatering your specific waste stream.

Once testing has been completed our clients are provided with a report detailing all our finding including which chemical best condtioned the waste stream, at what dosage rate and at what percent solution. Additionally we provide our clients with the percent solids of the dewatered material and the TSS of the filtrate retained.

Not only is our Bench Testing program ideal for clients who want to save on their chemical costs, but for those who are evaluating our Geotube® technology as a means of sludge or slurry management.

For more information on this program, including sampling protocols, please contact our expert staff.