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Canada’s Efficient Wastewater Treatment Solution

Bishop Water uses an advanced Wastewater Treatment solution, BioCord™ Reactors, to reduce nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorous, and BOD. The BioCord™ Reactor solution is considerably less expensive than other industry solutions making it affordable for communities with a limited budget.

The BioCord™ Reactor Wastewater Treatment Solution was developed specifically for wastewater treatment and is environmentally friendly. The system works through the aggregation of a community of microorganisms growing on a solid substrate, and works in three stages:

  • Attachment of bacteria to the surface
  • Growth of bacteria in multiple layers of biofilm
  • Detachment and collection as sludge

BioCord™ is a substrate manufactured specifically for wastewater treatment using biofilm technology to biologically remove nutrients. This substrate allows symbiotic layers of different bacteria to develop, mirroring the process that occurs in nature. BioCord™ Reactors can treat polluted water in oceans, rivers, lakes, as well as from municipal and industrial sources. As the need for more efficient wastewater treatment solutions increases, the Government of Canada is putting more pressure on municipalities to improve their facilities.

The federal enactment of the Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulations means treatment facilities across Canada may require substantial upgrades or changes. Traditional Wastewater Treatment Solutions are expensive for municipalities. Bishop Water has focused on creating a technology that is proven and effective, as well as affordable for municipalities, which is BioCord™ Reactor system.

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