Ensuring efficient bioaugmentation

A combination of natural and beneficial microbes and a good aeration system is the best way to treat water most efficiently. Adding oxygen helps keep things mixed and also reduces odour-causing bacteria. Bioaugmentation is a very efficient and cost effective biological solution to prevent or treat water quality problems.

Improving water quality through beneficial bacteria

Bishop Water is the Ontario distributor for Bacterius products, which are beneficial bacteria developed using efficient and competitive bacterial strains which can help treat, municipal and industrial wastewater through bioaugmentation.

What is Bioaugmentation?

Bioaugmentation is the practice of adding cultured beneficial microorganisms to an existing microbial community. These specially-grown microorganisms produce enzymes capable of consuming excess nutrients, organics, fats, oil, grease or hydrocarbon based contaminants. Bacterius products are developed to out-compete existing, less beneficial bacteria.

Bioaugmentation by addition of beneficial bacteria reduces:

  • Concentrations of phosphorus, nitrogen, and suspended solids
  • Odours which are caused by anaerobic sludge
  • Total sludge volume
  • Organic matter and grease

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Bishop Solids Management Solution

Reduce the cost and complexity of solids collection, dewatering and containment with easy-to-operate, low-energy Bishop Solids Management Solutions.

Sludge dewaterability testing

Simple, bench-scale tests can quickly and accurately model the performance and anticipated savings of full-scale Bishop Solids Management Solutions.

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ClariPhos Rare Earth Coagulant

With this advanced coagulant, wastewater treatment plants can achieve ultra-low phosphorus limits—as low as 0.07 mg/L—without the need to install or upgrade costly tertiary filtration systems.

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