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ClariPhos™ Rare Earth Coagulant:
Remove more phosphorus, produce less sludge.

Learn about ClariPhos™, a game-changing rare earth coagulant that outperforms aluminum- and iron-based alternatives for phosphorus removal.

ClariPhos™ enables wastewater treatment plants to achieve phosphorus limits of 0.07 mg/L or lower without the need for costly tertiary filtration systems. This unique coagulant improves clarifier performance, reduces sludge production and offers many other operational, economic and environmental advantages.

Bishop Water’s ClariPhos outperforms conventional coagulants because it is made from lanthanum and cerium, rare earth elements that form a strong, crystalline bond with phosphorus and produce a denser, more stable precipitate that settles up to two times faster.

Switching to ClariPhos is easy. In many cases, it’s as simple as replacing conventional iron- or aluminum-based coagulants with ClariPhos. Once the switch is done, wastewater plants can continue using their existing chemical treatment equipment, but with far better results.

Several treatment plants in Ontario are using or evaluating ClariPhos and are experiencing favourable results. Over 50 plants in the US have already switched to rare earth coagulant to comply with stringent phosphorus discharge regulations and to achieve other operational benefits such as:

  • Up to 50% reduction in sludge production;
  • Up to 40% higher attained solids in dewatered sludge;
  • 30-70% dose reduction over alternatives;
  • Less acidic than ferric or alum. Less likely to affect pH and require pH adjustment;
  • Low freeze temperature (-40C) eliminates heated storage or pipe heat tracing;
  • Non-hazardous rating, safer to handle than Al- or Fe-based coagulants;
  • Inhibits struvite build up.

View our webinar to learn about:

  • The economic, environmental and operational advantages of ClariPhos;
  • Why cerium and lanthanum elements outperform aluminum and iron coagulants;
  • Dose rate and performance comparisons of ClariPhos vs conventional coagulants;
  • Case study examples of ClariPhos performance;
  • How to prepare for a trial and conversion to ClariPhos at your plant.

Presented by:

Christine Gan

Christine Gan
Wastewater Engineer


Marc Rancourt
Wastewater Specialist

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