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More than a sandbag: Geotube® containers protect shorelines, restore beaches, create wetlands and more.

What does a beach restoration in the U.S., a jetty in Ecuador, and an underwater structure used in Germany to contain dredge spoils have in common?

All are examples of Geotube® containers as a durable, reliable solution to diverse problems in land and marine management around the world.

Reliable shoreline protection under the toughest conditions

Protecting or reclaiming land, especially where weather cycles take their toll, can be an uphill, expensive and never-ending battle with conventional technologies. Worse, uncertainty is always a concern. Waves, heat, ice and debris can wreak havoc on structures built with earth, stone or concrete, shifting individual components over time and weakening the integrity of the structure.

Geotube® containers are a proven, cost-effective solution that not only protects shorelines from erosion, but rebuilds beaches and reclaims land from bodies of water for recreational, residential and industrial purposes. From dykes and groynes to beaches and wetlands, Geotube® containers have been customized to the diverse needs of clients world-wide.

In many cases, they can be installed for half the cost of armour stone or rip rap and will provide a stronger and more reliable structure. They can also be equipped with a high-impact Debris Shield for rough waters.

Filling with local materials helps reduce costs and CO2 emissions

One of the reasons for the lower cost of a Geotube shoreline system is because it can often be filled on site with a slurry mix of sand and water, introduced hydraulically into the units. This reduces transportation and installation costs and can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of a project.

The single, massive structure, can be installed on shore, or in deep water and is virtually immovable once in place. This provides an environmentally sound shoreline protection solution that can be covered with natural materials and restore shoreline or create wetlands habitat.

For more than 50 years, Geotube has protected shorelines, restored beaches and reclaimed land from bodies of water around the world, including in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Germany, the Netherlands and Bahrain.

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Shoreline protection webinar

Geotube® geotextile systems for reliable, resilient shoreline protection.

Once installed, Geotube® Shoreline Systems can provide significant advantages over conventional approaches

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