Our awards

Our simple, low-energy solutions have been recognized by our industry peers and the Government of Ontario for the economic, environmental and social benefits they bring to communities and businesses.

BioCord Limoges Water's Next Award

2020 Water’s Next Award
Projects and Technology: Early Adoption

Bishop BioCord™ Reactors

Limoges Wastewater Treatment Facility, The Nation Municipality, ON

  • Improves cold-weather ammonia removal
  • Enables continuous discharge
  • Expands capacity from 1,500 to 3,500 m3/day
  • Over $10 million in cost savings vs. mechanical plant

2015 Ontario Minister’s Award for Environmental Excellence

Bishop Solids Management Solution

Perth Water Treatment Facility, Perth, ON

  • Collects and dewaters process residuals
  • Filtrate discharged to Tay River
  • Over $6 million in capital cost savings vs. mechanical plant

2014 WEAO Exemplary Biosolids Management Award

Bishop Solids Management Solution

Eganville Biosolids and Septage Dewatering Facility, Eganville, ON

  • Fee-for-service process to accept and dewater septage from local haulers
  • Composted biosolids are suitable for land application

Greenway OPWA, APWA award

2013 APWA Technical Innovation Award

2012 OPWA Technical Innovation Award

Bishop Solids Management Solution

Greenway Wastewater Treatment Facility, London, ON

  • Dewatering of fly ash from incinerated sludge
  • Eliminates lagoon storage and reduces hauling costs

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